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About The Author

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Barbara J. Gilbert was born a military brat at Ft Jackson SC. Her early years were spent between there, and Ft Hood TX, Bonner Montana, and Kennewick WA.

      Along the way, she moved from being a wild child in the streets to being adopted, making her the oldest of three siblings. In Washington she got handed a fourth sibling, a little brother, who she cared for till her graduation from Kennewick High School and entry into the USAF.

      Her USAF career started as an Administrator, then Information Manager, to Aerospace Systems Warning Operator (tracking missiles and other threats)

      After a medical retirement, she worked for the RadioShack, moved to an IT position at a Marketing company supplying condiments to the US Commissary Service Worldwide, and finally opening up a computer consulting, sales, and service company with her husband. As a spare-time project while running an IT department and family consulting firm she had two boys.

     While still running the family business she was offered a teaching position at a charter high school.  Changing career tracks yet again, she became a teacher of English, Computer Apps, Computer Repair, Consumer Math, Principles of Business, Physics, and Earth Science.  In the public-school system, she taught Computer Apps, Business, E-commerce, and Web Design.

     Moving back to her spiritual home in Montana, she again taught Earth Science and Computer Applications (MAC).

     A second medical disability ended her teaching career and moved her back into a full-time domestic engineering position.

     Her hobbies in (prize winning) photography, painting, Ham Radio, SCUBA Diving, and a host of other interests keep her busy on good days, and she manages to get by on the bad ones.

     Writing got started with a NaNoWriMo challenge to her sons and seems to have led her to yet another success.

     An amazing person, she just keeps adding to her list of accomplishments.

                                                 – Ted C Hall (AKA The Ex)

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