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Looking for a different twist to the Apocalypse?

Is Time Travel Possible?

Paulette Brown thinks so. She is a brilliant young lady who has solved, what other scientists around the world could not, and that is how to travel through time.

Greg is her best friend and co-owner with Paulette of P&G Bionics and supports her in her endeavors to invent time travel, although he doesn't believe that she will succeed.
Convinced that her time pod works, she gets in and travels 250 years into the future. Her hope is to study new and amazing technology and bring that knowledge back home with her.

When she arrives, she finds herself in a Post-Apocalyptic world where Seattle is destroyed and under water. Panicked she tries to return to the present but an unexpected error with her time pod leaves her stranded.

Thomas, the leader of a small village, crosses paths with Paulette. He mentions that he has heard rumors of a city across the Cascade mountains that might be able to help her return home. With this knowledge she is desperate to get to the city, now the race is on…

"Barbara Gilbert takes us on a creative, thought-provoking journey through time and a not-so-far-off apocalyptic world."

                                        by: Tom Abrahams                                                                          Author of the "Traveler Series"


Paulette having been delayed by unfortunate circumstances is finally able to begin her next adventure.

Her and a small group of her newfound friends begin their trek across an apocalyptic landscape to the Mythical City of Technology but find themselves running and fighting for their lives during their journey.

Will they survive?

If so, will she find the help she needs?

Meanwhile, back in the present Greg and Susan find themselves in a frantic race to solve the problem and retrieve Paulette. Will they succeed in finding and rescuing her or will their efforts be in vain?

"Barbara Gilbert's Future Apocalypse blends the wonder of time travel with the grit of the apocalypse in the second installment of her creative dystopian saga."
                                                by: Tom Abrahams
                                                      Author of the "Traveler Series"


Paulette is now a prisoner of the City of Technology. They want her program so they can use their time pod to go back and change the past. Paulette doesn't want to give it to them and has to figure out a way to stop them.

With her and Thomas's life in danger, she embarks on a dangerous mission to prove that changing the past won't work.

She must devise a way to not only save the future, but also find a way back home to her friends.

Will she be able to stop the City from changing the past?
Can she escape and make it back to her time?
Only time will tell.




The descendants of those who fled an asteroid impact are growing restless.

It's been 230 years since the asteroid hit the earth and some feel it’s time to leave the mine shafts and go topside.

The Mayor upholds the old rule that no one is allowed to go outside till he feels it is safe, so the rebellion has begun.

The rebels have been planning and gathering supplies for years and are hoping to make their escape soon.  Will they find a way out, and if so, will they be able to survive topside? No one is sure but they plan on trying.

Free Short Story

Year of Reckoning, 2250

A Free Short Story

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