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Free Short Story



The descendants of those who fled an asteroid impact are growing restless.

It's been 230 years since the asteroid hit the earth and some feel it’s time to leave the mine shafts and go topside.

The Mayor upholds the old rule that no one is allowed to go outside till he feels it is safe, so the rebellion has begun.

The rebels have been planning and gathering supplies for years and are hoping to make their escape soon.  Will they find a way out, and if so, will they be able to survive topside? No one is sure but they plan on trying.

What Readers Are Saying.

A short story of people of Earth taking refuge underground for protection from Asteroid strike.
230 years have passed and some young people want to got outside but forbidden to go. Interesting but quite short. Would make a nice novel or even novelette.

by: Asiaman

I received this book as a freebie offer from the author during a promotion at, which I find is one of the better companies that handles these sort of things.

As a story, I enjoyed it. It reminded me of Hugh Howey's Wool series, with the underground silos and the population living generations under the earth and desperate for a chance at topside. However, I kept stumbling upon logical inconsistencies as I was reading, that kept jarring me from the enjoyment of the story. For example, how could the narrator, from a group of people living underground for 250 years, have any idea what the sound of traffic was even like, in order to miss it? How could someone reference the CIA, if this group was the non-rich and fancy folk? Why didn't Jake feel any type of dizziness or blindness after he suddenly finds daylight, if he has been living underground all of his entire life. I get light bulbs, but halogen is no comparison to the real thing.

If it weren't for these types of inconsistencies, I would probably continue on. Otherwise, a good read. 

by: Netanella 

When I first started this story the timeline was much shorter. When I changed said timeline I forgot to make appropriate changes to other areas of the story.  Thank you so much for pointing this out. These things will be corrected in the new version coming out May 31st.  I also plan on expanding this into a full Novel in 2021.  

by: Barbara Gilbert, Author

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