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New and updated material in Book 1.

Book 1

Looking for a different twist to the Apocalypse?

In eighth grade she knew one thing…

…science was awesome.

Would her future self change the world?

At 24, Paulette’s got a dream, but it’s going to take a lot of money. The best solution is to start her own bionics company and then she can fund her real vision.

When she confides in a friend, he’s not sure it will work.

But he believes in her.

Greg is working on his bachelor’s in engineering and he’s got dreams of his own, but there’s always the friend from high school on his mind. He loves how smart Paulette is and treasures their friendship, but could there be more?

How would he get her attention?

When Paulette had her breakthrough and the pod worked, she desperately wanted to go back in time and save her father, but she knew that messing with the past could be devastating to the world.

But time travel goes backward and forward.

Could she learn from the year 2280 and make a difference now?

The future isn’t what she imagined.

Book 2

Paulette is finally able to begin her next adventure.

She and a small group of her newfound friends begin their trek across an apocalyptic landscape to the Mythical City of Technology but find themselves running and fighting for their lives during their journey.

Will they survive?

If so, will she find the help she needs?

Meanwhile, back in the present, Greg and Susan find themselves in a frantic race to solve the problem and retrieve Paulette. Will they succeed in finding and rescuing her or will their efforts be in vain?

Book 3

Paulette is now a prisoner of the City of Technology. They want her program so that they can use their time pod to go back and change the past. Paulette doesn't want to give it to them and has to figure out a way to stop them.

With her and Thomas' life in danger, she embarks on a dangerous mission to prove that changing the past won't work.

She must devise a way to not only save the future, but also find a way back home to her friends.

Will she be able to stop the City from changing the past? Can she escape and make it back to her time?

Only time will tell.

You’ll adore this post-apocalyptic time travel book, because science, time, and love create a brilliant mix that will keep you turning the pages.

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"Barbara Gilbert takes us on a creative, thought-provoking journey through time and a not-so-far-off apocalyptic world."
                                        by: Tom Abrahams                                                                          Author of the "Traveler Series"


What Readers Are Saying.

Future Dystopia with a new twist. What happens when you find out that the amazing future you expected when you built a time machine is not only unexpected but pretty horrible?
This amazing tale of the implications of time travel and life in a dystopian world will keep you wondering...what next? A richly imagined world with unexpected outcomes and characters you will both love and hate. Highly recommended.

by: The Web Woman

Future Apocalypse engages the reader with a fresh twist on the apocalypse story. A strong, smart female lead keeps the story alive as she struggles between being self sufficient and exploring new relationships. Great development of supporting characters. I'm ready for the next book!

by: DG

Barbara's writing improved for this revised boxset. Follow a story of one woman's struggle to get back to her own time from a post-apocalyptic future, while finding love in a strange hew world.

by: Austin Chambers

An action packed story written in this trilogy with time travel with apocalyptic realities. Ms. Barbara Gilbert is a talented author full of vision and storyline with lifelike characters. As I started reading and picturing Paulette I pictured life, adventure and love. Each book concludes with me wanting more and more. I highly recommend the whole trilogy because once you start you can’t stop till all three books are read or till the movie comes out!! Kudos goes out to Barbara Gilbert on a job well done!!

By:  Drumline Instructor

This is a series that the entire family will enjoy. This is a wonderful 3 part series of books my family has enjoyed reading over and over again. This series does not disappoint!

By:  Amazon Customer

What a great trilogy, combining time travel with apocalyptic events! Ms. Gilbert uses her writing abilities so well in building the plot and the characters. When readers can see everything they're reading like a movie in their minds, that says volumes for the author. That's how I felt when I read these books. Each book leaves you wanting more, and I was sad to leave the "friends" I had made of all the characters when the third book ended. This is a wonderful series from a great writer.

By:  CD

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