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Go Bag’s. What are They and Why do I Need One?

In Future Apocalypse, Beginnings, Paulette had a go bag in her closet as a teenager. She also carried one with her on her trip to the future. The supplies she had in this bag helped her to survive in the Post-Apocalyptic landscape she found herself in.

Future Apocalypse, Journey to the City of Technology finds her using her old go bag to store supplies that she will need to make her journey across the Cascade Mountains.

What is a go bag and why is it important for YOU to have one?

A go bag or bug out bag as some call it, is a bag that has essential supplies that you will need to live for a three day period, or longer. The reason you need a go bag is simple.

Example of small 1 to 3 day go bag

If emergency services issued an evacuation order and told you had 5 minutes to leave your house, having a go bag makes leaving in time easy. You grab your bag, coat if you need one, car keys and your kids and pets head out of the door. You are driving to safety within that 5 minutes.

If you don’t have a bag prepared ahead of time you are running around your house trying to get everything you think you need. Ultimately, you will miss or forget some of the most important things.

What do you need to have in your bag?

The following is a simple list of things you should put in your bag for a 72 hour stay. We will discuss kids and pets bag’s later.

· Three days of clothes. Appropriate for the season

· Medications, at least 3 days’ worth.

· Cash

· Water and food

- foods that are easy to make and won't spoil, like canned soup, dry pasta, and powdered milk

- granola bars, peanuts

- I prefer camping meals. They are small and easy to pack and only need water to make

· small can opener

· Tarp

· Para-cord or other rope that doesn’t fray

· Knife and/or utility tool

· Poncho

· Care kit: i.e. toothbrush, soap etc

· Toilet paper

· Water purification tablets

· Personal water purifier

· Hand/feet warmers

· Flashlight

- Spare batteries

· First aid kit

· Emergency blanket

· Gloves

· Spare eyeglasses and sunglasses

· Compass

· Whistle

· Window breaker

· Pen/paper

· Deck of cards (boredom relief)

· Small camping cook set (pan, plate, fork, etc)

· Small mug

· Other small multi-tool as shown with pic of compass etc

· Small battery and/or solar powered radio

· Charger for phone

· Notarized copies of important papers in a ziplock bag. Not all documents need to be notarized.

- Birth certificates

- Marriage and/or Divorce papers

- Social Security cards

- Drivers license

- Passport

- Immunizations

- Any other important papers you feel you may need if all is lost

· Paper map of state and u.s

· Extra set of car keys and house keys

Example of items found in a go bag - not all items displayed

There are other things that you may wish to take with you, but keep in mind that it all needs to fit in either a backpack or duffel bag that you can carry with you.

Kids/Babies Go Bags:

• Clothes

• Food and water

- Formula

- Diapers, etc

• Flashlight

• Emergency blanket

• Poncho

• Pen and paper

• Whistle

• Small mug

• Camping cook set

• Medications

• Care kit with toothbrush, etc

Additional items from the first list that is deemed appropriate for the age of the child

You also want to add small games, coloring books, etc to keep them entertained. For things like a hurricane where you may have power you can also pack at the last minute an electronic game.

Pet go bags:

• Food and water

• Collapsible food and water bowls

• Manual can opener

• Cleaning supplies

- Litter and litter box

- Grooming supplies

- Poop bags

• Any medicines

• Small toys to keep pet occupied

• Small pet first aid kit

• Paperwork

- Current photos and descriptions of your pets to help others identify them, and to prove that they are your pets, in case you become separated from them

- Information on feeding schedules, medical conditions, behavior problems, and the name and telephone number of your veterinarian in case you have to board your pets or place them in foster care

- Rabies and other shot records and tags

This is just a small list of things for a go bag. For more information on the best things to have and what may better meet your needs please visit:

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